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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the timeframe for passing all of my exams for certification?

Most CCO certification programs require successful completion of both written and corresponding practical exams (if applicable), to be completed within 12 months of each other (but can be taken in any order).

Candidates who do not take and pass all exams within the 12-month timeframe will be required to start the certification process again from the beginning. However, any tests passed within the previous 12 months will still count towards certification. For example, if a candidate passes the Written Core Exam in January 2018 and the practical exam in June 2018 but has not passed the corresponding written specialty by January 2019, then the candidate would need to retake the Written Core exam, but the practical exam would be good until June 2019. Because of the number and intensity of the Lift Director Certification exams, candidates are permitted 24-months to pass the required exams to earn Lift Director certification. 

How much do exams cost?

It depends on the exam, as shown on the Exam Fees page. A list of fees can also be found on each certification program’s web page.

How far ahead can I apply to take a test?

Candidates must take exams within six months of the application date.

What is the exam cancellation policy?

Cancellation policies vary slightly based on how you are scheduled to take the exam. For specifics, review details on the appropriate delivery method.

Candidates wishing to cancel after the deadline or not sitting for the examination will forfeit all application fees and will NOT receive a refund.

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