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Frequently Asked Questions


Are calculators permitted on certification exams?

Yes, a basic four-function calculator is permitted on certain exams. View the Written Exam Outline(s) in each Candidate Handbook for details.

Why did CCO change its policy on calculator use for Mobile exams?

The change in policy is based on the results of a study commissioned by CCO. The study, The Effects of Calculator Use During NCCCO Testing, concluded that, while the use of calculators would not be appropriate for use on basic math questions such as those contained in CCO Core exams, their use would be supportable on load chart calculations used on CCO Specialty exams.

May I use my own calculator to test?

No. If policy allows calculator use for the exam you are taking, the calculator will be available on-screen. You will not be permitted to use your own calculator or a calculator on a cell phone.

Am I required to use the calculator on the exam?

No. Although CCO allows the use of calculators on certain exams, candidates are not required to do so and may choose to test without the use of the calculator.

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