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Frequently Asked Questions


Am I an “Existing Candidate or Certificant”?

You should register on the myCCO portal as an Existing Candidate or Certificant if you:

  • Have ever applied for a CCO exam
  • Have ever taken a CCO exam
  • Are CCO-certified

If any of the above apply to you, CCO has created a record for you and assigned you a Candidate ID and/or Certification Number. You will want to register on the myCCO portal using one of these data points.

Why is this important?

If you have a record in our system, you can only connect to that record by registering as an Existing Candidate or Certificant. Connecting to that record allows you to:

  • Register without entering you contact information (you will be able to verify and update if needed)
  • View upcoming exams
  • View 12 months of exam history
  • View certifications held

Am I a “New Candidate or User”?

You should register as a New Candidate or User if you:

  • Have never applied for a CCO exam
  • Have never taken a CCO exam
  • Are not CCO-certified

Registering as a new user will create a record in the CCO system and assign you a new Candidate ID. You will use this ID to register for exams. You may be asked for this ID if someone else needs to submit an application on your behalf or when you contact the CCO offices.

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