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Frequently Asked Questions

Handbooks, Forms & Applications

Where can I find general information on each of the programs?

Candidate Handbooks for each certification program can be found on the Handbooks and Forms web page. The handbooks provide exam content outlines, sample questions, a list of reference materials, policies and procedures for certification, and candidate applications.

Where are applications located?

Candidate applications for paper/pencil and practical exams, as wells as other important candidate forms are located in the Candidate Handbooks on the Handbooks and Forms page. Applications for computer based tests (CBT) can be found here.

Can the written exams be taken prior to completing a physical exam as long as the physical is completed before the practical exams?

The attestation statement on both the written and practical registration forms indicate that the candidate has passed the “physical exam that complies with the B30 standard for my certification category.” Therefore, the physical must be completed prior to signing the applications.

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