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Frequently Asked Questions

Exam Results

When will I get my exam results?

Written exam results are available immediately for those taking exams via Online Proctored Testing, Test Center Testing, and Event Online Testing.

Those taking paper/pencil exams will receive results within 12 business days of the exam administration.

Practical Exam Proctors submit paper score sheets following exam administrations for scoring by CCO. Results are available up to 22 business days after the exam date.

My employer wants a copy of my test results. How do I get a duplicate copy of my scores?

Examination results may be released only to the candidate in question. It is up to the candidate to provide exam information as needed for employment or record-keeping purposes. However, an employer may request verification of a candidate’s certification status at any time or use the Verify CCO Online system.

I want to know why I did not pass my written exam.

Candidates not passing written exams receive strength and weakness reports indicating the area(s) that they may need to brush up on.

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