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Frequently Asked Questions

Certification Cards

How can I tell if a CCO certification card is authentic?

The best way to ensure the authenticity of a CCO certification is to verify it online using the Verify CCO Online (VCO) system.

What do the codes mean on my CCO certification card?

For a complete list of certification codes, including program restrictions, see the Certification Card Codes page.

How do I submit my photo?

Photos are usually submitted by the Test Site Coordinator who sets up your practical exam or with your recertification application. If for some reason you must submit your photo separately you may send it via email to

What type of photo do you accept for certification cards?

Digital photos must be full face (with no dark glasses or hat) and be taken against a solid color background.

My CCO certification card was stolen/damaged. How do I get a new card?

You may request a replacement card using the CCO Certification Card Online Order Form or by contacting Customer Service. Please be aware that there is a $25 administrative fee for replacement CCO certification cards.

I earned my TSS certification, but my CCO card also lists “STC” why?

The CCO Service Truck Crane Operator certification (STC) is a subcategory of the Telescopic Boom—Fixed Cab certification (TSS) and was developed for operators who use these smaller machines. Since crane operators holding TSS certification are also certified to run service truck cranes by virtue of already being certified in TSS, all TSS-certified operators also have STC listed on their cards when first certified or at recertification. For more information, click here.

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