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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is involved in the development of NCCCO’s certification programs?

CCO programs are industry-driven programs, with those that work in and around equipment playing a central role; other stakeholders such as owners, manufacturers, operating engineers, and related trades have also participated in developing these programs. Subject matter experts who volunteer their time and expertise for the development and maintenance of CCO programs come from construction, steel erection, petrochemicals, energy, and general industry backgrounds, as well as training, manufacturing, insurance, OSHA, and the IUOE.

How is the content of the tests determined?

Subject matter experts from all sectors of the industry determine which skills are required for each certification designation to perform their duties safely. Comprehensive reviews of the work performed by various types of operators, signalpersons, riggers, crane inspectors, and lift directors (i.e., “job analyses”) are conducted, and the results validated by several hundred experts across the country. Examination questions are all based on the specific knowledge that those in the field considered critical to safely operate and perform equipment-related tasks. To ensure fairness and reliability, professional standards of test development have been developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and most CCO certification exams are accredited by ANSI.

How does certification benefit employers and those who work in and around load handling equipment?

Because of the sound methodology employed at all stages of program development, employers can be assured that individuals carrying CCO certification cards have demonstrated they possess the necessary fundamental knowledge and skills, without relying on subjective recommendations or judgment. In turn, those who earn the distinction of the CCO credential can take satisfaction that their skills have been recognized by an independent, accredited, professional authority.

How do I become involved with NCCCO as a volunteer?

Volunteers from all industries are always welcome. In particular, assistance is appreciated by the Exam Management Committees that develop and maintain CCO programs. Please contact NCCCO for a list of scheduled meetings that you may attend as a guest.

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