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“Most Similar” Certifications

NCCCO has the widest range of certifications available in the crane industry but where no specific certification exists for a particular type of crane, it may not be clear which certification applies, which is why NCCCO formed the Crane Type Advisory Group (CTAG) in 2017.

CTAG, which is now falls under the purview of the NCCCO Foundation, publishes a Directory of “Most Similar” Certifications to assist employers in their efforts to comply with the OSHA crane operator certification requirement.

CTAG consists of a group of crane experts from the leading users, manufacturers and operators of cranes, with an unrivaled depth and breadth of crane experience. CTAG meets regularly to review requests for a determination on what constitutes the most similar certification appropriate to a particular type and/or installation of crane for which a dedicated certification is not available.  

CTAG’s determinations regarding crane types and the appropriate certification for those who operate them are contained in the NCCCO Foundation Directory.