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Frequently Asked Questions


Is recertification required for certification?

Yes, CCO requires recertification to ensure knowledge has been retained and to accommodate technical changes in equipment, technology, standards, and federal laws. Although recertification requirements vary slightly among programs, generally to be recertified a candidate must:

  • Pass a written examination (all programs except Signalperson, which requires a practical exam but no written exam to recertify).
  • Continue to comply with CCO’s Code of Ethics
  • Continue to comply with CCO’s substance abuse policy

Some programs require that the certificant have a certain number of hours of documented experience during the certification period to avoid taking practical exams. Please see the Candidate Handbook for the specific certification for more details on those hours and requirements if those hours have not been obtained.

How do I provide proof of hours for recertification?

Upon registering for the exam, you will sign an Attestation Statement on your exam application, indicating that you have the required hours of related experience during your certification period; if hours have not been obtained you will check the appropriate box on the application. You are not required to submit documented paperwork to CCO.

Do I need to submit a new photo?

If the photo on your original card meets current requirements (full face, no hats or dark glasses), a new photo is not required. If you wish to have a new photo on your card, you may email it to (be sure to include your full name and certification number).

Are there any reference materials to help study for recertification?

You will find a list of reference materials as well as comprehensive exam outlines on each certification program’s written exam page.

When does my certification expire?

Your certification’s expiration date appears in your myCCO portal. You can also contact CCO to check on your certification’s expiration date.

I am running out of time to recertify. Can I ask for more time?

Candidates must successfully complete the required recertification exam(s) during the 12 months before their certification expires. There is no “grace period” after the date of expiration. Candidates whose certification has lapsed must take the initial written and practical examinations (if required for initial certification) over again to be certified again.

If I do not pass my exams, am I allowed to test again?

Yes. However, candidates who do not pass a written exam and need to retake the same exam to certify or recertify, must wait four (4) weeks to retake the same exam.

I failed my written exam required for recertification and my certification expires before I’m permitted to retest, what should I do?

Certificants who fail a written exam required for recertification and whose expiration date does not permit them to wait four (4) weeks to retest will be required to take the applicable written and practical exams to be certified again.

How do I add another certification?

You may take exams for other programs in the same sitting as your written exams for recertification.

What’s on the written exam(s) required for recertification?

The written exams required for recertification are identical to the written exams required for initial certification. Please see exam outlines in the candidate handbook for details.

How soon before my certification expires can I recertify?

You may take examinations for recertification up to one year prior to your certification’s expiration date. As long as you test within that one-year period, your new five-year certification period begins from your certification’s original expiration date. Candidates who recertify more than 12 months prior to their certification’s expiration date will begin their new certification period immediately, not from the end of their current certification period.

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