National Commission for the
Certification of Crane Operators
Committed to Quality, Integrity, and Fairness in Testing since 1995


Policy Statements

Administrative Holds During Investigations

The investigation and handling of a Case by the Program Integrity Team (PIT) may, from time to time, result in delays in the release of examination results to program participants. It shall be the policy of NCCCO to limit such delays as much as possible.

In connection with and/or as part of an investigation, the PIT may cause NCCCO Staff to place an administrative hold on the scoring or other processing of candidate applications or examination results.

If the PIT determines that an examination will be held and not processed, the Testing Services Department shall immediately notify the impacted candidate by email or telephone communication. A letter shall be sent to the impacted candidate within two (2) days of the placement of the hold, advising the candidate of the delay in processing and releasing of examination results.

If validity and reliability requirements are satisfied, any administrative hold on examination scoring or processing shall be lifted as soon as practicable during or upon the conclusion of an investigation. In such event, the examination(s) at issue will be scored and processed, and the candidate(s) notified of the results, as soon as practicable under the circumstances.