National Commission for the
Certification of Crane Operators
Committed to Quality, Integrity, and Fairness in Testing since 1995


Policy Statements

Certain Matters Involving Practical Examiners

(A)  Failed Audits

(1)  NCCCO conducts audits of practical test sites and practical examiners on the basis of a variety of criteria, including without limitation:

  1. Random selection
  2. Issues reported by third parties
  3. Unusually high or low pass rates
  4. New test sites
  5. Probationary examiners

(2)  If a Practical Examiner’s total audit score is greater than the threshold for suspension on the current Audit Discrepancy Matrix, the Practical Examiner is immediately placed under temporary suspension and an investigation is opened. As a general rule, any actual sanctions imposed on a Practical Examiner due to their audit are reviewed and approved by the PIT.

(3) As a general rule, the PIT does not review provisional Practical Examiner audits. However, if a Provisional Examiner contests their audit results, the PIT will review it upon a written request from the Provisional Examiner. The PIT will determine, based on the investigation, whether the original audit results should stand or not, based on the applicable requirements for passing such audit.

(4) Audit disputes or challenges by Practical Examiners must be received within 30 days of the transmittal of an audit result letter. NCCCO will not review a disputed initial audit once a second audit (if applicable) has been conducted.

(B)  Violations of the “Three Strikes” Policy

(1) Examiners are subject to being sanctioned if they commit three (3) Major Infractions within a five-year period. Any three (3) Minor Infractions during any one-year period will be deemed to be a Major Infraction. The definitions of a Major Infraction and a Minor Infraction can be found in the Practical Examiner Handbook.

(2) Any sanctions imposed on a Practical Examiner as a consequence of the “Three Strikes” policy shall be reviewed and approved by the PIT. Findings of infractions and warnings involving the foregoing policy are not reviewed by the PIT unless and until any sanction is to be imposed.

(C)  Late Score Sheets

(1) In general, NCCCO will not accept or score any practical exam score sheets received more than 12 months past the original test date.

(2) However, in the event of unique and genuinely extenuating circumstances, if validity and reliability requirements are satisfied, such a score sheet may be accepted upon approval by the PIT.

Additional Program Integrity procedures: