National Commission for the
Certification of Crane Operators
Committed to Quality, Integrity, and Fairness in Testing since 1995


Policy Statements

Test Security Policy

For the purpose of test security, candidates who sit for CCO written examination(s) acknowledge that they understand the following:

  • The examination is the exclusive property of CCO.
  • The examination and the questions contained therein are protected by federal copyright law.
  • No part of the examination(s) may be copied or reproduced in part or whole by any means whatsoever, including memorization.
  • Theft or attempted theft of an examination is punishable as a felony.
  • While at the examination site, candidates are considered professionals and shall be treated as such. In turn, candidates must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. While at the site, they shall not use language or take actions that are vulgar, obscene, libelous, or that would denigrate the staff or other candidates.
  • No form of communication among the candidates is permitted once they enter the examination area.
  • No smoking, vaping, eating, or drinking is allowed at the examination site.
  • No guests, visitors, or family members are allowed in the testing room or reception areas.
  • Candidate participation in any irregularity during the examination, such as giving or obtaining unauthorized information or aid, as evidenced by an observation or subsequent statistical analysis, may be sufficient cause to terminate participation, invalidate the results of the examination, or other appropriate remedy.
  • A candidate’s signature on the answer sheet, roster, sign in sheet, or on-screen agreement for the administration of the examination confirms that the candidate has read an understood the above statements.