National Commission for the
Certification of Crane Operators
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CCO to Increase Practical Exam Validity

May 15, 2024—CCO is slated to introduce a new requirement to enhance the integrity and security of our practical exams. As part of our ongoing commitments to improvement as well as to providing fair and valid assessments, Practical Exam Proctors (PEPs) will soon be required to take photos at specified milestones during practical exams.

Adding photographic evidence to our exams will increase program integrity by providing objective validation of candidates' performances. This initiative aligns with CCO's commitment to maintaining the highest standards in certification.

What to Expect

This new requirement is expected to be implemented in July 2024. While candidates may notice PEPs taking photos during their exams, rest assured, this process is designed to authenticate exams without altering the testing experience. It will not interfere with candidate testing nor delay a candidate’s ability to complete timed tasks.

PEPs will be taking photos at the conclusion of specific tasks. For instance, after timing ends on the zigzag corridor, photos showing poles or balls knocked over will clearly show candidate’s net performance. Similarly, photos of a tied hitch or a signal being held may illustrate a Rigger’s or Signalperson’s performance, respectively.

Improving Integrity

CCO will be able to use the additional data from tablet-administered exams—including photos, event time stamps, and geolocations—to validate practical exams and candidate performance. This not only strengthens CCO certification programs but also serves to further improve safety in the industry, a goal we can all stand behind.