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CCO Simplifies Crane Inspector Certification Requirements

April 2, 2024—As part of CCO’s continuous improvement process, CCO’s Crane Inspector certification just got more accessible. Responding to the evolving needs of stakeholders, CCO has reduced the number of exams required for earning CCO Crane Inspector certification, making the pathway to certification easier and more affordable without compromising quality.

Simplified Certification Journey

CCO is excited to share that we have eliminated the need for crane operator certification exams to earn Crane Inspector certification. This decision means fewer exams and less time spent testing, all while maintaining the highest standards of proficiency and safety.

The streamlined certification process is more straightforward and accessible to all. Depending on your desired certification designation(s), you can now earn your certification by taking as few as one or two exams. The CCO Crane Inspector Exam Management Committee has removed requirements to pass crane operator exams to earn Crane Inspector certification. We have integrated relevant content from operator exams into the Crane Inspector exams, ensuring a seamless transition for candidates.

Expanded Offerings

In addition to streamlining the process, we're thrilled to introduce the Crane Inspector designation for Articulating Cranes. Candidates interested in earning the Articulating Crane Inspector (ACI) designation can now demonstrate their expertise through a tailored examination process, enhancing their professional credentials. Current CCO-certified Crane Inspectors can add Articulating Crane Inspector to their certification by taking a single specialty exam.

Continuous Improvement

At CCO, we are committed to continuous improvement. This latest initiative is a testament to our dedication to providing the best possible experience for our candidates and other stakeholders. By listening to feedback and adapting to industry needs, we continue to be the Gold Standard of certification for those working in and around load handling equipment.