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myCCO to Include Photos

November 1, 2023—CCO is thrilled to add candidate photos to myCCO. This new feature allows candidates to manage their own photos and eventually will allow employers to have a higher level of certainty when verifying certification, as those photos will appear in the Verify CCO Online (VCO) system later this year. 

myCCO Portal users will be able to take a photo or upload a passport-style photo directly into myCCO. CCO will use this photo for ID verification purposes, CCO wallet cards, and to display in the user’s myCCO profile and the Verify CCO Online (VCO) system ( before the end of the year.

Beginning November 15, all myCCO Portal users will be asked to take or upload:

  1. A passport style photo of themselves—This photo will be stored in their record and used on their CCO wallet card and in the VCO.
  2. Their valid government issued ID (driver’s license or passport)—The ID will be use to ensure the uploaded photo is of the individual who created the account. Once verified, the ID is permanently deleted from CCO’s system.

photo guidance_300xPhoto management has been optimized so that myCCO users can take pictures from a desktop with a webcam or even their cell phone or tablet. Guidance documents showing photo and ID requirements for taking both an individual photo and a photo of the ID are available in the portal so that myCCO users know what CCO is looking for.

Users will see numerous benefits from moving the photo submission process to the myCCO Portal, including:

  • Streamlining the credentialing process—Certification cards may be issued without waiting for pictures to be submitted by testing personnel.
  • Higher level of verification through VCO—Adding photos to VCO greatly enhances the credential verification process.
  • Verifiable certifications through myCCO—Users can proudly display their certifications and photos from within myCCO.
  • Streamlining the testing process—Testing personnel no longer need to take and submit photos of candidates.

All current myCCO Portal users will see a message indicating that they need to upload or take a photo when they login on or after November 15. All myCCO users are encouraged to upload their photos and validate their identities as soon as possible.