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myCCO Mobile App Updated with New Functionality

October 27, 2023—CCO is excited to announce a recent update to the myCCO mobile app for iPhones and Android.

“While the mobile app had been temporarily disabled to allow for the development of the myCCO portal, CCO is glad to report that the myCCO mobile app is now back up and running with even more functionality than before,” said Joel Oliva, Senior Director of Innovation. “The myCCO app and myCCO portal now operate seamlessly together.”

Candidates can:

  • View certifications and expiration dates
  • Submit exam applications
  • See upcoming exams and recently taken exam results
  • Update contact information

Note that while everything is visible through the mobile experience, some features of myCCO work much better with a laptop or desktop.

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myCCO mobile app users who had previously downloaded the myCCO app will need to update it through the Google Play Store or Apple App store. After the update, users will be prompted to log in again. CCO suggests saving the password (assuming it is trusted personal device) for future ease of access.