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Certification of Crane Operators
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Liebherr Calculates on CCO Exams

March 2018—For the second year in a row, CCO certification candidates will benefit from being provided calculators for use on CCO paper-and-pencil written exams through the generosity and sponsorship of Liebherr Mobile and Crawler Cranes, a division of Liebherr USA, Co.

Liebherr-calculator_200x“Liebherr is once again proud to support the CCO certification programs offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO),” said Daniel Pitzer, managing director of Liebherr USA, Co., headquartered in Newport News, VA. “Through this sponsorship, we hope to continue to help the next generation of crane operators demonstrate their command and understanding of essential safety knowledge and abilities.”

Liebherr Mobile and Crawler Cranes, division of Liebherr USA, Co., sells and markets Liebherr all-terrain and larger crawler cranes in the United States.

Calculators have been supplied for CCO Mobile Crane Operator Specialty Exams since 2012. The Digger Derrick Operator, Dedicated Pile Driver Operator, Rigger Level II, Mobile Crane Inspector, Mobile Crane Lift Director, and Tower Crane Lift Director exams also allow calculator use. For security concerns, only NCCCO-provided calculators are permitted to be used by candidates in the secure testing room.

“We’re delighted that Liebherr has continued its investment in support of CCO certification,” said NCCCO Commission Chairman Ellis Vliet. “Such sponsorships, which are the bedrock of NCCCO operational success, will make a material difference to NCCCO’s ability to ensure a fair, secure and standardized testing experience for all candidates, no matter where in the country they test.”