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ANSI Grants NCCCO Continued Accreditation

NCCCO Security Procedures Also Commended by ANSI

December 18, 2013 - The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Personnel Certification Accreditation Committee has voted to grant the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) continued accreditation for 2014. Further, as part of its annual accreditation review, ANSI has issued a commendation to NCCCO for procedural excellence in regard to NCCCO’s security procedures.

In late 2012, NCCCO contracted for a very comprehensive Security Test and Evaluation Report covering all aspects of its operation at the Virginia headquarters, Utah, and California locations as well as the IAI office in Florida. All security controls for which NCCCO has full or partial responsibility were evaluated against the rigorous standards defined by the National Institute of Standards of Technology. Any deficiencies identified have been fully documented and followed up by management to ensure compliance with highest level security for the NCCCO certification program.

ANSI’s audit of NCCCO occurs annually as a requirement of its accreditation to ISO 17024, with an on-site inspection by ANSI auditors every other year. “Given ANSI’s rigorous accreditation requirements, receiving this commendation for our internal procedures is very gratifying,” noted NCCCO Executive Director, Graham Brent. “Our vigorous security procedures are geared towards ensuring a trouble-free testing experience and protecting the investment of scores of subject matter experts who have volunteered their time and expertise over the better part of two decades.”

In 2012 ANSI issued NCCCO two commendations. First, NCCCO’s surveillance program was commended for its proactive processes that incorporate formal solicitation of input from certificants and employers about the value and impact of certification on certificants, employers, the crane industry, and public safety. ANSI also commended NCCCO for high inter-rater reliability on its practical exams, calling it “exemplary of the best practices in performance testing.” 

In previous years ANSI has commended NCCCO’s internal record-keeping system; its Recertification Outreach Program, which helps ensure that current CCO-credential holders do not let their certification expire after five years; and its tracking of logo use violations, which infringe on NCCCO’s intellectual property and diminishes the value of the NCCCO brand as well as the value of ANSI accreditation in general.

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