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NCCCO Recognizes Employers with Committed to Crane Safety Program

September 19, 2012 - The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) announced today the launch of its new Committed to Crane Safety program. The Committed to Crane Safety program is an employer recognition program developed by NCCCO to recognize employers who have demonstrated their commitment to safety by hiring CCO-certified personnel.

NCCCO recognizes the time, effort, and resources expended by companies in obtaining certification for their crane operators and related personnel. “Crane operators, signalpersons and riggers receive recognition for their knowledge and skill related to safe crane operations when they are issued a CCO certification card,” said NCCCO Commission Chairman, Kerry Hulse. “It is therefore appropriate that safety-conscious employers should also be honored for their commitment to safety.”

Companies that participate in this program have demonstrated that they are committed to crane safety by hiring CCO-certified personnel. They also usually have a hiring policy that requires or strongly encourages CCO certification. In so doing, they identify themselves as companies that strive for excellence in their hiring and training efforts. All companies that successfully qualify for entry into the program receive a special Recognition Package that includes the rights to use the exclusive CCO “Proudly Employing” logo(s), coverage of their efforts in national and local media, and other benefits.

“We enthusiastically applied for participation in this new program,” said Jeffrey Hammons, Vice President of Risk Management at AmQuip Crane Rental, Trevose, PA. “CCO certification has driven our operators to perform on a more professional level and raised their awareness of best practices. And our customers have a greater sense of safety and security knowing our operators are tested and certified in their craft.”

“Zachry is delighted to be a charter member of this new recognition program,” said Samuel Rogers, Senior Corporate Crane Safety Coordinator for Zachry Industrial, San Antonio, TX. “By requiring CCO certification for all our operators, Zachry decreased its crane incident cost by 80% in the first year of implementation.”

“Safety-conscious companies work hard to earn, maintain, and protect their reputation in the industry,” said Thom Sicklesteel, whose company Sicklesteel Cranes Inc., Mount Vernon, WA, is also a founding participant in the new program.

Any company that employs CCO-certified personnel is eligible to apply for the Committed to Crane Safety program. Companies that qualify may work in general construction, crane rental, sign installation, steel erection, manufacturing, machinery installation, and petrochemicals.

Companies that display their certificate of recognition or use the exclusive program logo in their promotional activities enhance their standing in the industry by demonstrating both to their clients and employees that safety is a priority. These companies are nationally recognized for their achievement on the NCCCO website, in the CCOnline newsletter, and in other industry media.

Companies may apply for recognition within the separate programs established for employers of for crane operators, riggers, and signalpersons. A Recognition Package and logo has been tailored for each program. Companies interested in demonstrating they are Committed to Crane Safety submit an online application along with supporting documentation. Examples of such documentation may include the percentage and/or number of operators who are CCO-certified at the company, a copy of the employer’s hiring policy requiring CCO certification, and the number of years the policy has been in place.

There are no fees required for participation; all administrative costs are borne by NCCCO.  Recognition is valid for one year. When a company is nearing its anniversary, an opportunity is provided for renewal.

For more information, visit the NCCCO Committed to Crane Safety program page, apply online, or contact NCCCO Program Manager, Tara Whittington, at:

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