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First CCO Signalperson Certificants Recertify

March 2011 - Introduced in October 2008, the CCO Signalperson certification program from the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) has proven to be one of the fastest growing certifications in NCCCO’s history, having already certified over 2,500 people. This rapid growth has been the result of not only pent-up industry demand but also NCCCO’s reputation as the gold standard of crane-related certifications. And with OSHA’s new rules requiring qualified signalpersons for many construction tasks, the program continues to grow rapidly as employers look to achieve the highest standard in the personnel certification industry.

Many of the initial signalperson certificants were current CCO-certified crane operators Certified-Signalperson2who had already seen the value of CCO certification, as well as the additional respect and recognition that certification brings. Even though they don’t spend much time actually signaling, they understood that having CCO certification tangibly demonstrates the training they’ve received and the expertise they’ve achieved.

Although NCCCO’s Signalperson certification program is barely two years old, some of those who certified first have already recertified, due to NCCCO’s policy of having only one expiration date for all CCO certifications. 

Unlike other CCO recertification exams, the CCO signalperson recertification exam requires a practical test instead of a written exam. The Signalperson Management Committee (SPMC) decided that a practical exam was more appropriate for signalperson recertification because it is vital that they use standard signals regardless of the industry sector or region of the country where they’re working. “Using standard hand signals and voice signals at all job sites not only improves safety, but it also increases productivity by keeping everyone on the job on the same page,” noted SPMC Chairman Kenny Shinn (K J Shinn Inc.). Standard hand signals are also now required by law under OSHA’s new rules for cranes and derricks used in construction.

More information about CCO Signalperson certification , the recertification application and upcoming test administrations can be found on the NCCCO website.