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Bragg Crane Hosts NCCCO Combined Rigger/Signalperson Workshop

March 2010  – Recently NCCCO conducted a combined workshop to accredit new Practical Examiners to administer exams for its rapidly growing Rigger and Signalperson certification programs. This combined workshop—held at Bragg Crane in Richmond, California—was both the eleventh Rigger workshop and the eleventh Signalperson workshop held in 2009. These totals are unprecedented in NCCCO’s 15-year history, and are indicative of the two programs’ rapid growth since their introduction.


A prospective practical examiner tries his hand at the NCCCO Rigger Practical Examination as another prospective examiner practices scoring.

“We’re proud and delighted that a company the size and prominence of Bragg Crane chose the NCCCO Rigger and Signalperson programs for the certification of their employees,” noted workshop instructor Phillip Kinser, who is also NCCCO’s Manager of Program Development. “These programs’ rapid acceptance clearly shows that NCCCO is filling an urgent industry need.”

Since NCCCO’s Signalperson certification was introduced in 2008, almost 200 examiners have been accredited to administer the Signalperson Practical Exam. The Rigger certification program was introduced in April 2009, and almost 150 examiners have already been accredited.