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CBT Proves Popular for CCO Tests

February 2010  – Computer based testing (CBT) has proven to be quite a hit with test takers for the CCO national certification exams.  More than five times as many candidates opted for the CBT option in 2009 compared to the previous year.

While NCCCO still provides all of its tests in the traditional paper-and-pencil format, computer delivery has been progressively introduced for the mobile crane program as an alternative throughout the country following a successful launch in California in 2008.  More than 250 test centers are available in all 50 states through NCCCO’s CBT provider, PSI/LaserGrade.

While many opt for CBT because of its ease of scheduling and instant results (candidates leave the test center with their scores), an increasing number of candidates are finding they prefer the calmer environment that taking tests on a computer can provide.

“We feel it’s important to retain both options for testing,” said NCCCO Executive Director, Graham Brent. “Test-taking is a stressful process and if test delivery via computer helps to alleviate some of that anxiety for the candidate, then we are all for it.”