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Department of Energy Recognizes CCO Certification

June 2008 - The Department of Energy (DOE) has formally recognized CCO certification by directly referencing the national program in the latest edition of its Hoisting and Rigging Standard (formerly known as the Hoisting and Rigging Manual). 

DOE requires that only qualified personnel (or trainees under the direct supervision of qualified personnel) operate, inspect, rig, or perform maintenance on cranes, hoists or forklifts.  The newly revised Standard, DOE-STD-1090-2007, states that crane operator certification by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) may be used to verify compliance with DOE’s qualification requirements.

Cranes covered under the requirement include cab-operated overhead cranes, mobile cranes, and remote-operated cranes.

DOE’s hoisting standard sets the requirements that contractors on energy-related projects nationwide must commit to using in order to bid for federal projects.  It has long been regarded as an authoritative and comprehensive resource for construction work even outside the federal arena.

The DOE standard may be found online at: