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Crane Tech Donates Software for CCO Exam Development

March 2008 - The National Commission of Crane Operators (NCCCO) has entered into an agreement with Crane Tech, whereby the Tampa, FL-based crane operator training firm will make available computer software to NCCCO for use in the development of CCO written exams.

“NCCCO had been looking to update the process whereby its Written Exam Management Committee develops and reviews test items,” said NCCCO Manager of Program Development, Phillip Kinser.  “We found that, with minor modifications, the item banking system Crane Tech had developed for its internal use was ideal for NCCCO’s needs.”

“NCCCO is honored to receive this generous contribution from Crane Tech,” said NCCCO Written Exam Management Committee Chairman, J.R. Williams. “This software will provide the Committee with the additional flexibility and versatility it was seeking.”


Pictured at the recognition ceremony for Crane Tech's contribution of item banking software to NCCCO are (l to r): J. R. Williams, chairman, NCCCO Written Exam Management Committee; Bo Collier, president, Crane Tech; and Kerry Hulse, NCCCO Commission chairman.

The process by which test items are written and tracked would now be significantly streamlined using the new software, said Kinser.  “NCCCO recognizes the extraordinary value of this all-volunteer effort, and continually seeks to optimize the contributions of NCCCO’s subject matter experts.  Crane Tech’s donation of this software will go a long way to improving the efficiency of NCCCO Exam Management Committee proceedings,” he added.

“Crane Tech is pleased to be able to make available this software to NCCCO and, in so doing, to further the safety mission of this organization that we, as a company, passionately embrace,” said Crane Tech President, Bo Collier.  “We believe that the development of the nationally accredited and recognized CCO certification program effectively assesses the competency of crane operators and, as a consequence, has made a major contribution to enhancing safety on construction sites, and in general industry, across the nation.”