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Certification of Crane Operators
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How to Test: Written Exams

How to Apply for Paper/Pencil Tests

NCCCO accepts candidate applications for paper/pencil test (PPT) administrations via either an online application form or a traditional paper form. The added convenience of submitting applications online is useful to both test site coordinators and individual candidates. This method speeds up the processing of candidate applications and reduces common errors found in the traditional application process. Alternatively, paper application forms may be completed by hand and submitted by mail or email.

NOTE: PPT applications may only be submitted via paper application for exams taking place on January 31, 2021, and before. If the application is for test dates of February 1 or later, the online form must be used.

For more information:

  • For specific certification requirements for each NCCCO program please refer to the appropriate candidate handbook (available for download here).
  • To locate a scheduled paper/pencil test administration and obtain a Test Administration Number (required to submit an application), click here.
  • For exam pricing, please click here.
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