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Frequently Asked Questions

Computer-Based Testing (CBT)

What is computer-based testing?

In addition to paper/pencil testing, NCCCO also offers computer-based testing (CBT) for Written Exams (both initial and recertification) in most NCCCO certification programs. Exams are the same in content and length, but are converted from paper/pencil format to computer-based format. Although exams are electronic in format, they are not “online” (i.e., candidates are not allowed to test from their own computers; candidates must still visit a secure testing facility). However there are significant benefits to CBT exams, including quicker scheduling and same-day result reporting.

How do I apply for CBT?

The application is completed and submitted online. Please review the Step-by-Step Instructions, CBT Fees, and the CBT Application to apply.

Is computer-based testing (CBT) available for all CCO certification programs?

CBT written exams are currently available for the Mobile, Tower, Overhead, and Articulating Crane Operator programs as well as Digger Derrick Operator, Drill Rig Operator, Dedicated Pile Driver, Rigger, Signalperson, Crane Inspector, and Lift Director programs. Written exams for recertification for all of these programs except for Signalperson may also be taken on the CBT platform.

Is CBT available nationwide?

Yes. Find the closest PSI CBT Testing location by entering your ZIP code.

Where can I test?

CCO written exams are administered via computer at PSI’s over 400 test centers located throughout the nation.

Where can I find a CBT location?

CBT testing centers are available nationwide. To locate a PSI CBT exam test center near you, enter your ZIP code and you will be presented with a list of location options.

How quickly can I sit for a CBT exam?

You should apply to take your CBT exam(s) as soon as possible, but no later than five business days before your preferred exam date. Please note that site availability is not guaranteed on your preferred exam date, and availability can only be confirmed when scheduling the appointment. (You can check testing center locations and general availability, but do not contact these sites directly. You'll need to wait until your application is processed before you can schedule a test). You may be able to test in as few as three business days; however, it depends on the availability at your desired location and/or your ability to travel if your desired location is not available on your preferred exam date.

How do I apply to test via CBT?

The computer-based testing application must be submitted via an online form. Your completed candidate application along with the required fees for the CCO written examination(s) you wish to take. After you have submitted your application, you will receive a scheduling authorization email from PSI ( within two business days confirming your eligibility to test. Find step-by-step registration instructions here.

How do I make an appointment at a computer-based testing center?

The scheduling authorization email you receive from PSI/AMP will include a link for you to setup your appointment online and a toll-free number should you prefer to schedule over the phone. To find a center, visit the PSI website and enter your ZIP code. 

What do I need to take to the test facility?

You will need your valid photo ID and the schedule confirmation sent to you by PSI. You will not be allowed to take materials such as cell phones, calculators, hats, coats, bags, or any other items that might compromise the integrity of the test into the testing facility. If a calculator is permitted for your exam, an on-screen basic computer calculator will be made available.

Who do I contact if I have problems submitting my online application?

For assistance, please call Customer Service at 703-560-2391 ext. 2.

Do computer-based tests cost the same as paper/pencil tests?

No, there is a different fee structure for the CBT exams. The fees are listed on the Exam Fees page and in the candidate handbooks for each program.

How do I pay for my tests?

You will pay by credit card at the time that you fill out the online application. 

Are the CBT exams the same as paper-and-pencil exams?

Yes, the content of the examinations is the same. They have the same number of questions as the paper versions, and you will have the same amount of time to complete them. Printed copies of the load chart reference material for Specialty Exams will be provided for your use during the exam.

How quickly will I receive scores?

You will receive your test results at the computer-based test center immediately following the completion of the exam(s).

May I use a calculator during the test?

The same calculator policies apply to CBT as to paper/pencil exams. An on-screen calculator is provided for Rigger Level II Exams, Mobile Crane Operator Specialty Exams, and the Mobile Crane Inspector Specialty Exam.

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