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Telescopic Boom - Restricted

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The CCO Telescopic Boom—Swing Cab Restricted (TLL-R) and Telescopic Boom—Fixed Cab Restricted (TSS-R) Operator certifications are restricted versions of the CCO Telescopic Boom—Swing Cab (TLL) and Telescopic Boom—Fixed Cab (TSS). These were developed specifically for operators of cranes that are used in industries such as the precast concrete industry.

Crane operators achieving the TLL-R or TSS-R certification are restricted to operating telescopic boom cranes with a maximum boom length of 37 ft. Cranes may not be equipped with any attachments or jibs/extensions (operation from the main boom only), and the crane must utilize only a basic load chart.

To achieve certification, candidates must pass the Mobile Crane Operator Core written exam as well as a modified version of the Telescopic Boom written exam that features a QMC boom truck load chart (download Telescopic Boom—Restricted load chart here). The single written specialty exam, Telescopic Boom—Restricted, applies for both TLL-R and TSS-R certifications. This written exam contains content related specifically to cranes that fall within the restricted boom lengths.

The practical exams are unchanged from the existing TLL and TSS programs. The type of crane used on the practical exam must match the crane type an operator seeks to be certified for, either swing cab (rotating operator’s station) or fixed cab (fixed operator’s station). All NCCCO certification eligibility and medical policies common to other CCO operator certifications apply.

Operators already holding the full TLL or TSS certification are not affected by the introduction of this restricted certification because their existing certifications also cover the cranes for which this restriction applies.

For general information concerning certification eligibility, experience, physical evaluation, examinations, time frames, recertification requirements, and other applicable policies applicable to the Telescopic Boom—Restricted program, visit the main Mobile Crane Operator Certification Overview page.

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