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Drill Rig Operator

​Written Exam - Sample Questions

The following are sample test questions typical of the style and content of the questions used in CCO Written Examinations.

  1. What is the first thing a new operator should do before operating a drill rig?
    1. Call the last operator
    2. Talk to the supervisor about the rig
    3. Tell the oiler they are ready to drill
    4. Review the operators manual
  1. According to OSHA, how many days prior to excavation does a utility location service have to be notified?
    1. Same day
    2. Within 24 hours
    3. 2-3 days prior
    4. 1 week prior
  1. Your site is located near a 12.4 kV overhead power line. What is the MINIMUM distance required to stay clear of the line?
    1. 10 ft.
    2. 12 ft.
    3. 15 ft.
    4. 20 ft.
  1. What should workers avoid to protect themselves from being pinned between equipment or other objects?
    1. Painting swing radius lines on the ground with spray paint.
    2. Placing themselves between moving equipment and an immovable structure.
    3. Removing safety guard or railings in the way.
    4. Using a trench box or shield in work area.

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