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Dedicated Pile Driver Operator

Written Exam - Sample Questions

The following are sample test questions typical of the style and content of the questions used in CCO Written Examinations.

  1. According to OSHA 1926 Subpart CC, where MUST the operator’s manual be located?
    1. Equipment cab
    2. Job site
    3. A/D Director’s Office
    4. Site Safety Supervisor Office
  1. The weights of load handling devices, such as chains, slings or shackles, are:
    1. Included in the rated capacity
    2. Not included as part of the load
    3. Included when calculating gross capacity
    4. Included as part of the load
  1. What type of hammer cannot be used to drive concrete piles?
    1. Drop
    2. Diesel
    3. Air
    4. Hydraulic
  1. For the LB-20-LRH100, what is the maximum radius a 59 ft. pile weighing 17,637 lb. can be placed in the current configuration (below)?
    Leader (forwards/backwards):  Vertical  Hammer Weight: 12,789 lb. 
    Leader (lateral):  Vertical  Rigging Weight:  75 lb.
    Radius:  ?
    Cylinder Length:  N/A
    1. 20.11 ft.
    2. 14.74 ft.
    3. 19.44 ft.
    4. Pile cannot be lifted in this configuration.

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