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Concrete Pump Operator

Concrete Pump Operator Exam - Sample Questions

The following questions serve only as examples of the question types and structures that are found on the Concrete Pump Operator certification exam. Your performance on these items is not intended to be a predictor of your exam performance, nor should it be interpreted as such.

  1. Operation of the boom pump in excess of 3 degrees of level is MOST likely to have which result?
    1. Excessive fuel usage by the truck
    2. Failure of the hydraulic systems
    3. Greater wear on the delivery system
    4. Uncontrolled boom movement when slewing
  2. The placement crew is ready to restart pumping after a lengthy delay, and one of the crew grabs the tip hose and points to where the material should be placed. Once the operator is signaled to start pumping, which step should the operator take FIRST?
    1. Have the placing crew move a safe distance from the tip hose
    2. Inspect the system to ensure there is no blockages
    3. Listen for any potential hose whip
    4. Start the pump with an increased volume
  3. After the system has been cleaned out following a completed pour, which step in preparing the boom for travel should the operator take NEXT?
    1. Conduct a final walk around
    2. Raise, stow, and properly lock the outriggers
    3. Stow the boom with a safety strap
    4. Wash out the hopper
  4. Prior to travel, what is the best practice to verify a separately laid system is clean?
    1. Push a cleaning ball through the system
    2. Shake out the system
    3. Spray the system with water
    4. Visually inspect the system
  5. When cleaning the hopper during the clean-out process of a pump, the hopper grate should only be lifted or removed under which circumstance?
    1. The agitator has been disengaged
    2. The machine has been de-energized
    3. The mix is stiff
    4. There is concrete build up in the hopper

Answer key:

  1. D
  2. A
  3. C
  4. D
  5. B