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Board of Directors Spotlight: Douglas LaCroix

LaCriox_Douglas_250xA 25-year veteran of the construction industry, Doug LaCroix is Equipment Manager at Cianbro, where he has performed this role since May of 2016; he previously was Cianbro Equipment Purchasing Manager. In his current position he is ultimately responsible for the procurement, maintenance, introduction of innovative solutions, implementation of safety features, and disposition of all cranes at Cianbro.

At the urging of his mentor at Cianbro, George Bell, Doug got involved with NCCCO last year as a new member of the Board of Directors. He sees that NCCCO and Cianbro are and will continue to be significant participants in this industry, and his involvement with NCCCO will assist in strengthening Cianbro’s commitment to safety and the performance of his team members who work in and around load handling equipment.

“I feel that as a Board member I am making favorable contributions to the industry through strategic decision making related to policy and financial responsibility,” he noted. “This opportunity allows me to promote certification, recertification, and the importance of remaining current in the spirit of continuous improvement. Working with NCCCO is helping me further develop the safety mindset and performance of our team members, so they are available for the people who count on them every day.”

He recognizes that NCCCO and its volunteers/subject matter experts are continually identifying ways to improve the safety of individuals in this industry. Growing into different certification areas beyond just those specific to crane operations has established NCCCO as an organization that truly makes a difference and will have sustained success for many decades to come. He believes that NCCCO’s willingness to consider different views on testing and streamline its approach creates momentum for candidates to become certified more efficiently.

He also sees that NCCCO has provided the industry with high standard of integrity through its testing development processes, resulting in certification programs that are standardized, credible, and have ensured that hundreds of thousands of individuals working in and around load handling equipment are qualified to do so.