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Certification of Crane Operators
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Crane Operator Responsibilities and Requirements
Fourth in a series of related articles reviewing the personnel roles that have been identified when working with cranes, explaining Crane Operators' responsibilities, defining their training requirements, and outlining their documentation requirements.
CCO to Celebrate 25th Anniversary
At a gala on November 11, NCCCO will celebrate the anniversary of when CCO to celebrate 25th anniversary certifications first became available.
CCO Simplifies and Standardizes Mobile Crane CADs
CCO is adopting standardized test site layouts for the Mobile Crane Operator certification program.
CCO Increases Examination Fairness, Reliability and Validity for Recertificants
To improve fairness across all exams and candidates, CCO is migrating away from shortened recertification exams and replacing them with the initial (longer) certification written exams to be taken by all candidates.