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Certification of Crane Operators
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NCCCO’s COVID-19 Response Center (updated December 14, 2020)
Detailing Digger Derrick Operator Certification Requirements
Because one of its primary activities is lifting and moving loads, a digger derrick may be performing as a crane in construction activities and needs to follow OSHA regulations.
NCCCO Elects Directors, Officers for 2021/2022
The NCCCO Board of Directors has announced the industry leaders who will serve NCCCO during 2021–2022.
Responsibilities of Lift Directors
Third in a series of related articles reviewing the personnel roles that have been identified when working with cranes, explaining Lift Directors' responsibilities, defining their training requirements, and outlining their documentation requirements.
New Online Practical Exam Application Available July 1
CCO is changing the practical exam application process to a new online system starting on July 1, 2021.