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NCCCO’s COVID-19 Response Center (updated December 14, 2020)
Responsibilities of On-Site Personnel for Cranes
First in a series of related articles reviewing each of the roles that have been identified when working with cranes, explaining the responsibilities, defining the training requirements, as well as outlining the documentation requirements.
Yes, OSHA Requires Dedicated Pile Driver Operators to Be Certified
Those the pile driving industry may not have realized that they were also impacted by the OSHA crane rule that went into effect in November 2018, including the requirement for operators to be certified.
Covid and Certification
NCCCO's designation as part of the “essential critical infrastructure workforce” has resulted in NCCCO being able to continue testing throughout COVID-19 with little disruption.
NCCCO Lowers Fees and Continues to Streamline Systems
NCCCO’s continuous improvement efforts are paying off with streamlined systems for candidates, certificants, practical examiners, and test site coordinators.

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