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Certification of Crane Operators
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NCCCO’s COVID-19 Response Center (updated December 14, 2020)
NCCCO Unveils New Logo
Reflecting its expanding scope into personnel certifications for load handling equipment other than cranes, NCCCO is transitioning to a new logo, effective January 1, 2021.
Moving Exclusively to Online Submission for Paper/Pencil Exam Applications
For all CCO paper/pencil written exams administered on or after February 1, 2021, candidate applications must be submitted online using the NCCCO website.
NCCCO Updated Response to COVID-19 for Candidates and Certificants
NCCCO continues to abide by new protocols that permit continued written (paper/pencil and computer-based) and practical testing safely during COVID-19.
Signalperson and Rigger: Qualification vs. Certification
Federal OSHA has specific—but different—qualification requirements for signalpersons and riggers. In both cases people often wonder whether “certification” equals “qualification,” and, if not, what the difference is.

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