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Practical Exam - Site Layout


Using the information NCCCO provides, and the instructions contained in the Practical Examination Test Site Coordinator Handbook, the Test Site Coordinator should prepare the cranes and lay out the test site.

Before the Examiner can begin testing, he/she will need to verify the test site has been laid out correctly. A copy of the Practical Examination Site Report (Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes and Overhead Cranes) can be found online. NCCCO encourages Test Site Coordinators to use this report to check that all items are in order before the Examiner arrives. This will expedite the Examiner’s verification of the test site.

For permanent practical test sites, the requirement for a Site Inspection prior to each test may be waived. This option is available only to test sites where there has been no change in test crane, test site/location and Test Site Coordinator in the last six months. If it has been more than six months since the last full Site Inspection was conducted, another full Site Inspection must be performed. If the Test Site Coordinator requests a Test Site Report Waiver, the Examiner must have the Test Site Coordinator sign a statement on the last page of the Site Report attesting that all the requirements for such a waiver have been met.

Full instructions on setting up a Practical Test Site are contained in the Test Site Coordinator Handbook for the Practical Examination.