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Practical Exam - Responsibilities


The person designated by their company or organization to liaise with NCCCO and its testing company International Assessment Institute (IAI) on the test administration matters is know as the Test Site Coordinator. The Test Site Coordinator is responsible for:

  • submitting all required information to NCCCO in a timely fashion on the Practical Examination Test Site Application Form & Data Sheet.
  • preparing a test area in accordance with the directions in the Test Site Set-Up and Test Site Layout Instructions provided by NCCCO.
  • preparing test equipment in accordance with the directions in Crane Selection and Set-Up.
  • scheduling candidates to take the Practical Exam, and informing them of their test date, location, and time.
  • liaison with the Practical Examiner and NCCCO in all aspects of test preparation and administration.
  • the Test Site Coordinator or their designated representative is required to remain on site throughout each test administration.


The practical examination is conducted by a CCO Accredited Practical Examiner. An Examiner may test only one candidate on one crane at one time.

Thus, testing a candidate, or several candidates in turn, on one crane, would require one Practical Examiner.

Testing two candidates simultaneously on separate cranes would require two Practical Examiners, and so on. If you need assistance on selecting a Practical Examiner, contact NCCCO.

Only Practical Examiners are permitted to request Score Sheets from International Assessment Institute. These must be requested at least two weeks prior to the intended test date.


Proctors are volunteers who assist the Practical Examiner in the administration of the exam. The Test Site Coordinator is responsible for assigning one proctor per Practical Examiner to assist during the test. Proctors are under the direction of the Practical Examiner during the test administration. Proctors may not be candidates waiting to take the practical exam.