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Practical Exam - Application to Host


When the Test Site Coordinator is ready to schedule a test, (s)he must submit to CCO a completed Test Site Application and Data Sheet for each crane to be tested on. The Data Sheet may be copied as often as necessary to accommodate all test cranes.

This must be sent, along with all requested additional materials, to CCO no later than four (4) weeks prior to the desired test date. Note that all the information requested must be included; incomplete applications cannot be processed.

Using the application form, the Test Site Coordinator will need to provide the following information:

  • Make, model, serial no. of the crane(s).
  • A detailed description of the configuration for testing, i.e. counterweight(s), boom type, rope size and type, and ancillary equipment which will be in place.
  • Dimensions (diameter and height) of the test weight(s) (Mobile Cranes only) to be used.
  • Rating/capacity charts(Mobile and Tower Cranes only) and associated notes for the proposed configuration(s).

Once the application has been approved, NCCCO will develop details of the layout of the test site and crane set-up including a CAD Test Site Plan. CCO will email these directly to the Test Site Coordinator.