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Texas Leads Signalperson, Rigger Surge

reaching-riggers72dpi+captionOctober 2018—NCCCO Signalperson, Rigger Level I, and Rigger Level II programs are experiencing a surge in activity with year-to-date figures showing up to a doubling of examinations being administered over the same period. Through August, over 6,500 CCO Signalperson exams (written, practical, and recertification) and nearly 5,500 Rigger exams have been administered.

These numbers reflect the strongest testing volume for the Signalperson program since 2011, the year that OSHA rules first established specific criteria for signalperson qualification for many construction tasks.

Texas, which over the past year has fast-tracked essential infrastructure work to repair damage from Hurricane Harvey, has led the surge in demand. In particular, the petrochemical industry has undertaken massive reconstruction projects, with some multi-national oil companies requiring all signalpersons and riggers to be certified by January 2019.

Additionally, in another trend not isolated to Texas, commercial truck drivers are increasingly seeking rigger and signalperson certifications. The combination of a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and CCO certification allows drivers to more actively, and safely, participate in the delivery of materials at construction sites, employers report.