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New York City Recognizes CCO Lift Director Certification

December 2017—New York City is in the process of enacting new qualification requirements for lift directors during lifting operations and other crane-related activities. The Bill, 1431-2017, which amends the city’s Administrative Code, has been approved by the City Council and has been sent to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Once enacted, Lift Directors will be required to meet certain qualification standards, such as the completion of at least 32 hours of training in crane-related topics, including site personnel responsibilities, operational planning, and addressing weather hazards. Additionally, lift directors must be either certified by an accredited certification program, such as NCCCO’s Lift Director certification, or meet other specific experience or licensure requirements. Active Lift Directors working within the city must also be registered with the Department of Buildings.

Additionally, the Bill provides additional details on the responsibilities of the lift director, such as ensuring compliance with approved lift plans and monitoring traffic or pedestrian controls during lifting operations.