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Lift Director Applications Spike

July 2016—Applications from candidates to sit for the CCO Certified Lift Director examinations are running at more than double the regular pace, according to NCCCO’s Director of Program Development, Joel Oliva. “Registrations received in the first three months of this year have been far ahead of expectations,” Oliva said, “and inquiries from prospective candidates and employers have spiked.”

Ahead-of-Expectations-0716OSHA’s increasing emphasis on the need for employers to ensure lift directors are involved in the planning and execution of crane operations is certainly part of the reason for this increased interest, he said. But the fact that this requirement is increasingly showing up in bid documents was also helping to “send the message”.

Oliva also noted that there were moves afoot in New York City to require Lift Directors to play a more prominent role in crane operations following the publication of a report by a technical review group set up to provide recommendations after a fatal crane collapse in the city in February.

Sample questions now available


Lift Director Mobile Cranes Load ChartsMeanwhile, NCCCO’s Lift Director Management Committee (LDMC) has been busy developing additional materials to help candidates and training providers better prepare for the CCO Lift Director written exams.

Sample questions representative of those asked on the exams have been added to the Lift Director Candidate Handbook and the Lift Director area of the NCCCO website. Further, the LDMC has recently developed four sample lift plans, similar to those used on the Lift Director exams; both single- and multi-crane lift plans for mobile cranes and tower cranes are now available on the NCCCO website, along with additional sample questions that relate to each specific load chart.

“All of these new materials have been made available to help candidates prepare for their certification exams and to have a better idea of what is expected during the exams,” Oliva said. All the Lift Director exams could now be taken at any one of 300 computer testing centers nationwide, he added.