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Certification of Crane Operators
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Auditing Program Remains Central to NCCCO Test Integrity

February 2016—NCCCO reports that it conducted some 300 audits of its practical exam sites and practical examiners last year, underlining the critical role they continue to play in NCCCO’s test integrity program.

2015-Audits-by-NCCCO-ProgramWhile some deviations from established procedure were noted—and appropriate action taken—the vast majority of audits confirmed the standardization of CCO tests necessary for them to be deemed valid and reliable according to ANSI accreditors.

Just as practical examiners are required to follow all rules and requirements, so must all audits of those examiners be carried out consistently. To that end, NCCCO requires annual refresher training of all its auditors. Last year’s workshop was held in Salt Lake City, UT, over a two-day period and was attended by 19 auditors from 14 states, who cover the country for NCCCO practical exam audits.

“Given its strategic importance within NCCCO’s ethics and discipline program, regular calibration of auditors’ performance is vital,” said NCCCO Audit Program Manager Erin Jones. “Only by regular oversight of auditors’ performance—and review of their feedback from the field—can CCO practical exam testing maintain the same high standard that has been commended by ANSI and its peers throughout the certification industry.”