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Lift Director Qualifications Outlined in Webinar

August 2015—The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) hosted a free webinar on August 26 designed to educate the industry on the specific requirements for Lift Directors. The value of certification in establishing qualification—and the necessary steps that lead to it—was also discussed.

Among the topics covered in the webinar were the responsibilities of lift directors, why employers need to be sure their lift directors are qualified, how CCO Lift Director certification can serve to demonstrate the competence of lift directors, and the additional career opportunities certification can provide.

“A safe lift begins with competent planning,” said NCCCO Lift Director Management Committee Chairman, Hank Dutton. “If all the key components necessary for the safe execution of a lift are not in place at the outset, it may be too late to fix a potentially deadly problem in the field.”

The 30-minute webinar is the first product of NCCCO’s new Safety Information and Research Division which is being launched as part of NCCCO’s 20th Anniversary Recognition Program. The new division will consolidate the research and publications activities of NCCCO in order to provide essential and timely information to the industries that NCCCO serves, noted NCCCO Chief Executive Officer, Graham Brent.

“There could be no more fitting time to be launching this exciting initiative than during NCCCO’s 20th anniversary,” Brent said, observing that this new comprehensive information resource evolved directly out of NCCCO’s continuing mission to improve safety wherever lifting equipment is used.

View a  recording of the webinar: