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Online Directory of Certified Crane Inspectors Established

September 2014—As more and more crane owners around the country are realizing the benefits of hiring crane inspectors whose knowledge and skills have been recognized through through a nationally accredited and recognized certification program, the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) has established an online directory of CCO-certified crane inspectors.

Organized alphabetically by state, the directory lists full contact details for each inspector along with his or her areas of operation and the categories of certification held (mobile, tower, and/or overhead crane). Listing is elective; in other words, certified crane inspectors must indicate their desire to be listed as providing inspection services on a “for hire” basis.

“The directory is designed to serve as an easy reference tool for general contractors and crane owners seeking a qualified individual to conduct a third-party inspection of their cranes,” said NCCCO Director of Operations and Program Development, Joel Oliva.

The Crane Inspector Directory, which is revised monthly as new certificants are registered, is available at: