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CCO Crane Inspector Certification Benefits Contractors

August 2014—Crane inspector certification continues to gather pace around the country as an increasing number of crane owners and general contractors recognize the benefit of having the skills and knowledge of the personnel inspecting their cranes independently evaluated by a third-party, nationally accredited certification organization.

The CCO Crane Inspector certification program was created by NCCCO in anticipation of OSHA’s extensive crane inspection requirements for employers contained in 29 CFR 1926 Subpart CC, particularly §1926.1412, that was published in 2010. Crane inspectors themselves are also realizing the value of the credential. To date, NCCCO has issued over 100 certifications to crane inspectors in more than 25 states. Those who provide their services on a for-hire basis are listed in NCCCO’s online directory at

“CCO crane inspector certification provides us with a great deal of confidence in knowing our cranes are safe to operate,” said Chuck Caskey, safety director, Standard Concrete Products, based in Columbus, GA. Contractors are increasingly requiring or strongly preferring crane inspections be performed by a CCO-certified inspector. Certifications for inspectors of mobile cranes, tower cranes, and overhead cranes are available. For more information about the CCO Crane Inspector certification program, visit