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CONEXPO Crane & Rigging Seminars: 11 More Reasons to Attend!

If you were invited to attend a conference where you could learn all about the latest developments in crane safety, what the greatest risks were in crane operations and how to avoid them, how to plan and execute both routine and “super” lifts, and how to work safely around power lines, would you attend? 

How about if also on the program were the latest news and views on federal standards for crane operator qualifications, as well as the brand new ANSI/ASME standard on tower cranes? And if it covered a “walk through time” detailing all the changes that had taken place in crane technology and regulations, including operators’ changing responsibilities? And if, for good measure, time-honored practical advice on rigging issues such as how to handle crane blocks and calculate sling loads, as well as how to effectively communicate all of that information as a first-class trainer, were also on the list?

If you said “yes” to any or all of the above, you’ll want to make a beeline for the Crane and Rigging Education Track at CONEXPO 2014!

Although typically considered an equipment show rather than a conference, this year’s CONEXPO, in addition to all the glittering new iron, features an outstanding educational opportunity in the shape of no less than eleven first-class presentations, all from internationally renowned experts in their field with hundreds of years of experience between them. 

Who better, for example, to guide us through the evolution of crane standards and technology than two industry veterans who have (almost literally) “done it all” [Bill Smith, NBIS and Bob Berry, Sims Crane]? Or talk about the new crane operator qualifications [Chip Pocock, Buckner Companies and Rob Weiss, Cranes, Inc.] or the new tower crane standard [Peter Juhren, Morrow Equipment] than members of the committees that wrote them? Or the mechanics of super large lifts [Joe Collins, Becht Engineering] from someone who has helped execute some of the largest lifts even undertaken?  

Of special note is the presentation by forensic expert, Jim Wiethorn [An Examination of Crane Accidents] who will be presenting the results of a ground-breaking study of crane accidents that promises to set a new benchmark for incident investigation and analysis.

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