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NCCCO Stands Behind Substance Abuse Policy

January 2014 -- As the New Year dawns, substance abuse continues to be a major issue for employers. Notwithstanding the changes in the law permitting the recreational use of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, NCCCO’s substance abuse policy remains in full force and effect.

The NCCCO Substance Abuse Policy, as set forth in NCCCO's Candidate Handbooks, prohibits the use of illegal drugs, prescriptions, and any controlled substances that would impair the ability of individuals to perform their duties safely. This includes marijuana, whether used recreationally or prescribed for medical use. “State initiatives regarding the use of marijuana have absolutely no bearing on NCCCO’s certification requirement that CCO-certified personnel comply with NCCCO’s Substance Abuse Policy, as well as the substance abuse testing provisions of the ASME B30 standard,” said NCCCO Executive Director, Graham Brent. “It has always been, and remains, a condition of certification that lifting personnel certified by NCCCO attest to their compliance with its Substance Abuse Policy.“

Non-compliance with the policy automatically revokes a candidate’s certification status, he said, and NCCCO would continue to take action regarding any allegations of substance abuse by CCO certificants that were received.