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Changes to Signalperson Test Administration Procedures Make Exams More Convenient

December 20, 2013 - NCCCO has introduced a new Signalperson test administration model that allows Practical Examiners to administer practical tests separately from written exams and does not require an IAI Chief Examiner to be present. Signalperson Practical Exams may now be administered separately from Signalperson Written Exams, effectively dissolving the Unitary Test Site testing procedure. Practical Examiners may administer Signalperson Practical Exams on their own schedule to as many (or as few) candidates as required.

Candidates interested in becoming certified or needing recertification can now take the NCCCO Signalperson Practical Exam at any time with any accredited Signalperson Practical Examiner. Signalperson candidates may now take their Written Exam alongside other NCCCO candidates, such as mobile crane operator candidates. Signalperson written exams are also available at all 300+ computer-based testing (CBT) sites across the country.

For more information review the Signalperson Test Site Coordinator Handbook or contact a Signalperson Practical Examiner.