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Articulating Crane Operator Recertification Exams Now Available

November 2013--As with all CCO certification programs, CCO articulating crane operator certification is valid for five years. Because all operator certifications for CCO cardholders’ share the same expiration date, those who are CCO-certified to operate articulating boom cranes and loaders will soon need to complete their recertification requirements. If they complete the recertification requirements within the final 12 months of their certification period, an additional five years are added onto their current certification period.

The new articulating crane operator recertification exams are now available via either paper-and-pencil testing or computer-based testing. While the recertification exams cover similar content to the initial certification exams, the questions have been updated to reflect the latest OSHA and ASME standards. The Articulating Boom Crane recertification exam contains 35 questions; the Articulating Boom Loader exam contains 25 questions; and the Articulating Boom Crane with Winch exam contains 45 questions. All exams have a 60-minute time limit. To register for recertification exams, complete the paper application in the latest Articulating Crane Operator Candidate Handbook or apply online at