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Manitowoc Provides 20,000 More Calculators for CCO Testing

December 2012 - Manitowoc Cranes has redoubled its support of CCO certification with the announcement of its agreement to provide 20,000 additional calculators for use on CCO specialty written examinations.

Since July, when the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) began allowing calculators to be used on some of its written exams, Manitowoc calculators have been provided to candidates taking certain CCO paper-and-pencil tests. Higher than anticipated test volume, however, meant that the initial supply of 10,000 calculators would be nearly exhausted by year’s end.

“We’re delighted that Manitowoc continues to make this major investment in support of CCO certification,” said incoming NCCCO Commission Chairman, Ellis Vliet. “The carefully researched change in policy has been popular among candidates who, thanks to Manitowoc’s generosity, also get to keep the calculators as mementoes of their CCO testing experience.”

Basic calculators are now permitted on CCO written mobile crane operator specialty exams, mobile crane inspector exams, and digger derrick operator exams. The Manitowoc-supplied calculators are the only ones permitted; for security reasons, candidates may not bring their own calculators into the secure exam room.