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H&E Hosts 4 PEAP Workshops

June 2012 - Thanks to the generous sponsorship by H&E Equipment Services, Salt Lake City, UT, the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) was able to offer an unprecedented array of its Practical Examiner Workshops recently. No less than four workshops were held in back-to-back sessions during April. 

All of the workshops had excellent attendance, with all 24 slots in the Mobile Crane Operator workshop taken and all 11 available spots in the Overhead Crane Operator workshop filling up in just two days. The Signalperson workshop also reached its maximum capacity of 12 registrants, while seven of the 10 slots at the Rigger Level I workshop were taken.


More than 50 operators, riggers, and signalpersons singed up for back-to-back NCCCO practical examiner workshops in April hosted by H&E Equipment in Salt Lake City.

H&E made available to NCCCO use of its mobile cranes, overhead crane, and classroom facilities. Participants included representatives from contractors and crane service companies as well as operating engineers and training firms from six states as far apart as Texas, Florida, and Hawaii.

“H&E is proud of its association with NCCCO and is delighted to make available its resources to improve the quality of those who work around cranes as well as those in the seat,” said Bret Petersen, Product Support Representative of H&E Equipment Services.