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International Sign Association "Signs up" for CCO

June 2011 - In response to the publication of the new OSHA 29 CFR 1926 Subpart CC ISA-logo-TMstandard requiring most crane operators involved with construction to be certified by November 10, 2014, the International Sign Association (ISA) is offering telescopic boom crane operator training and CCO certification to its more than 2,300 member companies.

“ISA is pleased to be able to offer CCO exams and training to help its members proactively meet new OSHA requirements for crane operators,” said ISA Director of Education and Communications Tracey Cook. In addition to holding more than 40 training courses this year, the association has established CCO test sites all over the U.S. and trained its own personnel to serve as CCO Practical Examiners.

Meanwhile, representatives from the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) have been helping educate ISA members on the intricacies of the new OSHA crane operator certification requirements. NCCCO Program Manager Joel Oliva has delivered two webinars on the topic, with another scheduled for August. Moreover, Oliva made two presentations at ISA’s annual conference, the International Sign Expo, held in Las Vegas on April 27-30, attended by more than 19,000 sign professionals.

“NCCCO is pleased to assist ISA in its efforts to certify their members’ mobile crane operators,” said Oliva, “and we are working closely with ISA and its members to ensure that they comply with the new OSHA requirements.”

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