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Morrow Hosts Tower Crane/Rigger Examiner Accreditation Workshop

May 2010  – Taking advantage of Morrow Equipment Company’s recently expanded 10,000 sq. ft. training facility in Salem, Oregon, the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) held its first-ever combined Tower Crane/Rigger Practical Examiner Accreditation Workshop in February. Ten new Tower Crane and eight Rigger Practical Examiner candidates completed the two-day events, indicative of both certification programs’ continued growth.


Tower Crane Practical Examiner candidates navigate a CCO permanent trest site en route to earning accreditation to administer NCCCO practical tests.

Morrow maintains the largest fleet of tower cranes in the country and fully endorses the NCCCO national certification programs. Morrow’s multi-use training facility is used not only to accredit examiners and train crane operators and riggers, but also is home to one of the few permanent open test sites for tower cranes operators to be certified under NCCCO’s strict testing procedures.

In addition to testing, the Morrow training center provides training to prepare candidates for the NCCCO tower crane operator, signalperson, and rigger written and practical exams. Morrow Training Director Chris Smith noted, “Because of the key link between proper rigging and safe lifting, our facility features dedicated space for training both riggers and crane operators, as well as office space, state-of-the-art classrooms, component labs, and a large multi-purpose conference center.” Having a fully functional tower crane also means students get a complete understanding of equipment technology by means of actual hands-on experience.